Local LOCO Products
All products are made locally using sustainability grown, fair-trade, reclaimed and/or cruelty free sourced materials.
Schedule pickups on weekdays at our Loudoun County Marketplace, just a few minutes from Leesburg VA. Contact us for Pricing.
Loudoun County Marketplace
40602 Charlestown Pike
Paeonian Springs VA 20129
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Seasonal Celebration Buckets
Every year millions of perishable blooms and botanicals are shipped all over the world, adding to the pollution on the Mother Earth.  Our clients come to us with a desire to be eco-friendly with their special event, home or business by sourcing locally grown seasonal botanicals.  They are flexible with their design vision and priority to "go local", rather than using specific flower varieties that are out of season or need to be imported from all over the world.
If you are interested in Virginia seasonal flowers, are flexible about your color choices and style, on a tight budget or simply have a knack for floral design, our floral buckets are your best option.  We offer seasonal buckets, and al a carte packages (including bouquets, and boutonnières) of feature flowers, fillers, and foliage grown sustainability in Waterford VA.  Packages can help make your event beautiful and stay on budget, starting at $250. Our floral artist has made hundreds of bouquets and arrangements in her career of over 15 years in the event industry (see florist portfolio at www.mybuttercups.com.)  We have many popular seasonal blooms growing in our fields, such as peonies, sunflowers, fall leaves, dahlias, succulents, herbs, wildflowers, and hydrangeas, just to name a few. Our fields  are patrolled by assorted farm birds that work as natural pest control and security. The buckets include foliage, fillers and feature flowers that are all at their most beautiful and abundant in the field. The 2 gallon buckets typically fill 8 to 10 mason jars depending on how you design your arrangements. Flower and color choices are limited to what we have available the week of your event and are only available from May to October. Evergreen foliage buckets are available from November to February. In order to keep the price of the buckets as low as possible the buckets are arranged with only what the field has to offer at that season .
We are not your typical florist and may not be right for every event because of our sourcing policies. What we do offer is our amazing flowers and foliage of the highest quality, grown at our fields or sourced from other small Virginia farmers. Below is a list of seasonal farm flowers, because of the unpredictability of nature, we are unable to guarantee specific flower types or colors.
Shampoo and Lotion Bars
Bars of shampoo and lotion are the covenant, eco-friendly way to practice self care you will love. Our bars are made in Loudoun County Virginia and wrapped in packaging that can be composted, recycled or reused. Our ingredients are cruelty free, and free trade sourced.
Shampoo bars have a thick lushous lather with Argon oil to give your locks a beautiful shine. They are also great for shaving and come in scents that both men and women can enjoy. These are listed on our Etsy shop and make a great gift for almost anyone. 
Lotion bars are made from many nut and fruit butters, along with oils and beeswax. Simple free trade, cruelty free ingredients will set the mind at ease while conditioning dry flaky skin.  Lotion bars cannot be shipped but can be purchased from us directly. We participate in expos and shop popups throughout the year, check our calendar for dates.

Waterford VA