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Fresh Seasonal Farm Florals, Foliage and Fillers
Seasonal Celebration Packages

 Start your celebration out right with seasonal locally sourced flowers/ foliage that are community, environmentally and sustainably friendly. Our clients come to us with a desire to be ecologically responsible with their special event, home or business by sourcing locally grown seasonal botanicals.  They are flexible with their design vision and priority to "go local", rather than using specific flower varieties that are out of season or need to be imported from all over the world.
If you are interested in local seasonal florals our celebration packages are a great option.  We offer seasonal celebration packages (including bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces) with feature flowers, fillers, and foliage grown locally.  Packages can help make your event beautiful and stay on budget. Our team has over 40 years event experience and our head floral artist is a master at taking inspirational photos and making similar creations with seasonal locally grown botanicals. (see pinterest link to florist portfolio  ) 
We have many popular seasonal blooms growing in our fields, such as peonies, sunflowers, fall foliages, dahlias, mums, succulents, herbs, wildflowers, and hydrangeas, just to name a few. Our fields are patrolled by assorted farm birds that work as natural pest control and security.
Flower and color choices are limited to what we have available the week of your event and are only available from May to October. Evergreen foliage buckets are available from November to March. In order to keep the price of the packages as low as possible the designs are arranged with only what the field has to offer at that season .

We are not your typical florist and may not be right for every event because of our sourcing policies. What we do offer is our amazing flowers and foliage of the highest quality, grown at our fields or sourced from other small local farmers. Because of the unpredictability of nature, we are unable to guarantee specific flower types or colors.

Reservations are highly recommended. We limit the celebrations we service per weekend to ensure an abundance of beautiful quality botanicals. Delivery available. No Rentals provided. We recommend Cloverhill Events (click business name for website) for beautiful event rentals.

Hydrangea Plant
Bouquet of Peonies
Green and Purple Succulents
Echinacea Coneflowers
rustic fall 2016 centerpiece.jpg
Group of White Flowers
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Cactus Collection
Pink Flowers
Dewy Flowers
Pink Roses
American Guinea Hogs
We are a proud breeder of American Guinea Hogs, a small black heritage breed of swine that is unique to the United States. Guinea Hogs are hardy and efficient, gaining well on the roughest forage and producing hams, bacon, and lard essential for subsistence farming. Their small size, gentle temperament and efficiency make them suitable for many farms. Guinea hogs have a uniquely desirable flavor characteristics. The fat of the Guinea Hog is abundant and firm, and has found interest with butchers and chefs for making old world style cured meats. Their rendered lard would be of interest to pastry chefs for use in crusts and dough. They have a exceptionally tender meat and produce fine hams. We hope to provide our USDA certified Sausages and Meat at local shops Fall 2022. Contact us for fall 2022 pork shares.  Our farm is a member of the American Guinea Hog Association and sells piglets as breeders and feeders.

Contact us to get current availability by 

agha 2.jpg
All Natural Skin and Body Care
Our ecofriendly skin and body products are great for yourself or as a gift. Made with all natural nutritious ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair. All products are paraben, GMO and cruelty free. They are packaged and shipped in low waste containers that can be recycled or composted. Most come in travel size. Our soaps, shampoo bars, and lotion bars contain only sustainable organic palm oil or other eco-conscious oils for maximum hydration for body & skin. 
Products are sold through our website (send us an email) and at My Neighor and Me. We hope to add more locations soon. Also check out our Etsy page. 
Products include:
***pricing and ingredients on Etsy page. 
  • Shampoo, Beard & Body Bars in 5 amazing scents using only essential oils
    • Bumblebee dreams- Rosemary and Lavender​ Essential Oil
    • Morning Dew- Cedar and Mint Essential Oil
    • Happy Camper- Blend of Bug Repelling Essential Oils - Great for the outdoors!!
    • Sunflower Dance- Eucalyptus and Lime Essential Oil
    • Turtle Island- Tea Tree, Lavender and Mint Essential Oil
  • Vegan Farm Soap Bars in 2 scents using only essential oils 
    • Alpine Meadow- Lavender and Evergreen Essential Oils​
    • IPA Harvest Moon- Orange Essential Oil with Beer and Oatmeal
    • Evergreen Grove- Pine Tar soap to help sooth cracked skin
    • Wren's Retreat- Bergamot Essential Oils 
    • Frost Nip- Potent collection of Essential Oils to help a stuffy nose. 
  • Beeswax Lotion Bars in 3 scents using only essential oils​
    • Lavender - Lavender​ Essential Oil
    • Lemongrass- Lemongrass Essential Oil
    • Happy Camper- Blend of Bug Repelling Essential Oils - Great for the outdoors!! Family Safe 
  • Large Bath Bombs 3 scents using only essential oils​
    • Lavender - Lavender​ Essential Oil
    • Lemongrass- Lemongrass Essential Oil
    • Frost Nip- Potent collection of Essential Oils to help a stuffy nose.
Homemade Natural Soap
Hanging Herbs
Pouring Soap
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